The state of Kansas requires all students entering Kindergarten to be five years old by August 31st of the school year. In keeping with this guideline; We require that students entering our preschool class be either 3 by August 31st for our Pre-3 class, or 4 by August 31st for our Pre-4 class. Students entering our Pre-3 & Pre-4 class must be potty trained. Students entering our 2½ year old preschool class must be 2 by February 28 so they will be 2½ by August 31st.


Our program is supported through tuition and funding from St. Paul Lutheran Church.  Tuition payments may be made on a 9, 10 or 11 month basis, with the final payment due May 1st-please contact our Admissions Coordinator, Stacy Veneziano, for current tuition and fee rates at:      913-682-5553, or


St. Paul follows the Kansas Curriculum standards. Each teacher employs a copy of a book called “Integrating the Faith” which helps integrate God’s word throughout the curriculum (published by Concordia Publishing House). Science and Religion materials are published by Concordia Publishing House and Maple Leaf Publishing both Lutheran affiliated sources.  Materials that are from secular publishers are selected based on solid review of educational principles.