Our School

Congratulations to St. Paul Lutheran School for being voted “Best of the Best 2017” in the Leavenworth Times newspaper contest.  We have been voted #1 for Best Pre-School and #1 for Best Private School.  We are honored and blessed to receive the awards!

Thank you for your interest in St. Paul Lutheran School. The school was founded in 1863 by St. Paul Lutheran Church.  Together we continue to offer Christian teachers, strong academics and small class sizes that allow a sense of “family” and personal involvement with students. We welcome students of all religions and backgrounds in our safe and caring learning environment. The combination of Jesus, relationships and academics is why we exist, and have served the community of Leavenworth for nearly 150 years.

The School’s mission is: “Personalize a Christ Centered Education that Develops the Whole Child”.  St. Paul Lutheran School (Preschool through Eighth Grade) was established to give children an education in which love and faith in Christ become the center of their learning activity. Parents and teachers, working together toward this common goal, are the most effective force in educating a child!